Blackberry bold got wet keys not working


  1. Blackberry Bold 5 Trackpad Not Working
  2. How to Fix: Buttons don’t work on Blackberry Curve | Matt Montag
  3. My Keypad doesnt work it got wet .How do I fix it?

You will need to peel up the white plastic keybed. Peel from the bottom leaving the top end attached, and be careful, for it has some strong adhesive. Once you get under there you will see the contacts on the PCB, and if you see some discoloration, that's a good thing, because you have found the problem. Clean thoroughly with the rubbing alcohol. In my case, the discoloration did not go away, but it still worked.


Don't get any fibers stuck to the adhesive; fibers could interfere with the metal contacts when you stick the keybed back down. That should do the trick.

My button with th nine key on it is not working Please help as I need it to unlock my phone What must I do?????? After removing the back plate. You have a problem that won't resolve itself. The unit has been compromised by moisture and or dropping, mishandling ,You know the usual suspects. Go to the box store buy the tools or pay for replacement ,or tech. No getting around it. Hi, I have a blackberry torch and a few weeks ago I was in my hottub and I accidentally left my phone on the ledge beside it and I guess some of the steam got it wet inside and ever since then my key with the blackberry symbol on it and my back arrow button next to my trackpad haven't been working and its a huge inconvenience seeing as I need the blackberry button to save photos!

Can anyone help me please? By the way I do not have the tools to take apart my phone so I was wondering if there was a quick alternative method on how to fix atleast just the blackberry symbol button, someone please help! Hi everyone i have a series problem right today i was using my blackberry, i never got it wet or that and when i rebooted my phone none of the buttons worked but it was working fine before that, what do i do coz I really need my blackberry. So please HELP if you can!

I have had many problems immediately after my service provider sent me a text. Its like the service providers send viruses that cause the phone to fail or to act on its own. I reset the phone each time and it was fine.

My HTC got something that changed the texting to Russian and today my Blackberry lost use of three keys. I need help to fix my bb curve 's volume convenience keys which have fallen off metal contacts , is there a DIY Do It Yourself solution to overcome that handicap on my device?

Blackberry Bold 5 Trackpad Not Working

The trackball on a BlackBerry smartphone can get dirty from everyday use. Dec 3, Blackberry Curve trackpad mouse getting stuck within the header of emails.. When you have opened that scroll across the top menu bar and you.. But the online feedback are not very good.

How to Fix: Buttons don’t work on Blackberry Curve | Matt Montag

Contact synchronization occurs every four hours and is limited to 10, contacts. Your upcoming events start to appear. Verify that the connection options in the WiFi setup application are correct. If you are looking for something on your BlackBerry device or the Internet, at the bottom of the home screen, tap What is BlackBerry Link?

My Keypad doesnt work it got wet .How do I fix it?

Category names are not case sensitive. The drivers you need are automatically installed when you download BlackBerry Link. Its complicated to explain what the vendor file does, so make sure you delete it.

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