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  1. Groupon Acquires Swarm Mobile for Undisclosed Sum
  2. Groupon acquires VC-backed Swarm Mobile
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The question may seem like science fiction, but it's one that has challenged real robotics engineers for decades.


Groupon Acquires Swarm Mobile for Undisclosed Sum

In , the kilobot entered the scene. Now, engineers are programming these tiny independent robots to cooperate on group tasks. They are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, like those found in small electronics or watches. Their individual behaviors are equally simple. Each robot can only perform a few functions: Sponsored By. To make the robots form a "K" for "kilobot" , Rubenstein places a few robots to "seed" a corner of the shape.

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He then essentially gives the rest of the swarm a map of the shape and a set of simple instructions: Come back in 12 hours, and the thousand robot swarm has arranged itself into the letter K. In the future, this kind of research might lead to collaborative robots that could self-assemble into a composite structure.

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This larger robot could work in dangerous or contaminated areas, like cleaning up oil spills or conducting search-and-rescue activities. What if these parks could be formed by swarms of bicycles? While this concept has been explored in a few locations in Europe, the team just created four small mobile parks for the Participate public arts festival in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Groupon acquires VC-backed Swarm Mobile

San Francisco-based urban design and public art firm Rebar first tested the Parkcycle concept for one of its famed Park ing Day s. N55, a Copenhagen-based public art group, sees each unit as modules in a broader system. N55 encourage persons to build their own cycles and form swarms and hereby influence their local urban environments. According to N55, each bike-park can be designed to fit with local bicycle standards. In their open-source manual , they show how to create one to comply with EU bicycle design standards.

They encourage bike-parkers to create their own local standards, too.

Swarm Mobile jobs | Swarm Mobile openings | Swarm Mobile careers

See more images. These types of DIY urban planning and landscape architecture projects appear to be coalescing into a nascent movement.

2/24/2018 -- West Coast San Francisco, CA Earthquake swarm -- New volcano "Semeru" in Indonesia

A number of urban design, landscape architecture, and public art organizations are exploring bottom-up concepts. Clearly, this is just the beginning, and these designers will foment more creative experiments yet.

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A new tracking device aims to provide clarity. The device constitutes another piece of technology in the hot industry of in-store tracking or retail analytics, as physical retailers clamor for useful data to better compete against Amazon and other e-commerce sites. With a sensitivity of 5 to 6 feet, it can potentially show walk-bys or window shoppers versus those who enter the store.

And of those who enter the store, it can let store owners know how many actually made a purchase, by integrating with their point-of-sale systems.