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Ignore those 'Exit' buttons!

Because the N70 has oodles of execution memory i. RAM , you can still have most of your Series 60 apps running at the same time, which means no delays while applications are launched. The trick is to ignore those 'Exit' buttons. When you need to switch to a different application, press the Menu 'Applications' button and select it from there, leaving the current app running.

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Free Nokia N70 FExplorer (English version) Software Download

Or use the tip below to switch between running programs directly. For these, you definitely should press Exit! This was OK on previous versions of Series 60, but it closes the current application on the N70 - in other words, it acts as 'Exit'. Must-have managers The two utilities every computer user needs are a system task manager i. The first is easy: For a file manager, run, don't walk, and download FExplorer. Yes, there's a basic file manager built into the N70, but FExplorer lets you get into all the nooks and crannies that Nokia would rather you didn't investigate, as well as adding some extra useful functions!

Share your photos Never mind the Kodak Online or similar services usually bundled with your smartphone, why not share your photos with others for free? Read on for details.

Free File Manager Nokia N70 Apps

Speed launching applications On any Menu applications screen, you can press any of the numeric keys to instantly launch the application or shortcut in the corresponding position on the first 3 by 3 icon grid displayed. For example, pressing '7' actions whatever's in the bottom left grid slot. Start your browsing journey at the 3-Lib web guide and all should go well.

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The mobile Web 2 For maximum access to even full, bloated sites, give Opera Mini a whirl. Now, locate BlueFTP. When installation procedure is completed, select destination area of BlueFTP: Finally, press "No" button on the "Start now" pop-up dialog From the "More" menu, select "Permissions" to start application configuration Go to "Organizer" and press "Select" button.

From the "Options" menu, select "Permissions" to start application configuration You are here: If all software were that easy Installation instructions You must follow these instructions to completely remove any warning message, confirmation request or security exception from "Bluetooth File Transfer J2ME " software!!! Open application settings Locate Communication from the permissions list and then press "Select" button. Now, locate Connectivity from this list and then press "Select" button. Move to Always allowed entry in the list, then press "Select" button.

Browse Sony Ericsson C702 Themes

Finally, a confirmation message should appear. Repeat previous steps also for Network access communication permissions Cards and snake Lifeblog: I am not completely sure, but I think this time we have been given a real working program, not just a demo version. Symantec Mobile Security: It is a real king Nokia N70 is a brilliant phone. We knew it right after we entered its specs in the mobiles catalogue, where N70 occupied the first place among more than evaluated mobile phones.

Practical tests only came to confirm its strengths. Similar to other smartphones of the Series 60, Nokia N70 is not a completely new phone, but a natural step forward in a logical developing process.

file manager nokia n70 free

So what are the advantages of N70 in comparison with the forerunner Nokia ? It is a nice and very well equipped phone, whose initial price is approximately euros. N70 hits the market at a bit lower price than Nokia What are then its main disadvantages?

Nokia 6 File Manager - How To find File Manager

I mind the way the red button behaves when applications are minimized. Beside that, Nokia can be considered a slow device - just like the other smartphones. I have to also draw your attention to a number of uncorrected glitches and unsuccessful features - for example the alarm clock or the voice recorder.

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All mentioned weak points are however typical for each smartphone with Symbian Series If I owned Nokia or I would probably hesitate, whether to replace them with N The innovations offered by the new Nokia are not that many to give reason for such a change, unless one feels like having a new nice toy. As for older phones, replacement definitely makes sense.

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So which one is it better to buy today - Nokia N70 or Nokia ?