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You can use our handy tool to get full instructions for obtaining your PAC Code and using it to switch to giffgaff. Switching to giffgaff is likely to save you money! You can change you giffgaff plan each month or stick with the same one. You can also buy a phone with giffgaff , and they are all unlocked. So you can take your giffgaff phone with you at any time. I could hardly hear them when I tried calling them in the next room, the giffgaff call quality was so bad. So I created a new thread in the forum to see if anybody else had experienced these call problems.

Feeling that I had made a terrible mistake in switching to giffgaff, I contacted one of the support agents to cancel my account and try and get the forthcoming number transfer stopped. The agent soon replied and offered to cancel, and even refund, my sim and told me how to get another pac code from them so that I could return back to my original network. Crucially, almost as an afterthought, she said she would love to try and resolve the issues that I had experienced with call quality and made some helpful suggestions. After a few more support messages with the agent, we finally determined that the sim must not be working properly and I receievd a replacement sim in the post the next day along with instructions about swapping the sim once my number transfer had completed.

I followed the simple instructions to swap sims and voila , I could make and receive calls again! I am impressed with giffgaff and have decided to stay with them. They seem to do a lot right — their prices are competitive and I found the community based support, backed up by their agent support teams, to be amazing. Your phone must be unlocked before switching to them, but an increasing number are now supplied unlocked, so this is not as much of a problem as it used to be.

It is usually quite simple to unlock your phone via your network anyway.

So if you are looking for a new mobile phone network, I recommend that you give giffgaff a try. Since writing this article I have come across reviews that indicate other people have experienced similar call quality and data transfer rate issues and I am now coming to the conclusion that giffgaff customers are probably suffering bandwidth constraints on the O2 network.

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You'll have to get hold of your bank, insurance, energy, TV and broadband providers and every other company that may need to get in contact with you. If you're thinking about cancelling your contract early then you should consider what charges you may incur. You could end up paying fees equal to the amount of remaining monthly payments according to your contract. To find out if you will incur cancellation charges also called 'disconnection' or 'early termination' fees speak to your network.

You might be able to reduce the charge by reducing your monthly allowance and the monthly cost. If you want to cancel your contact but stay with the same network on a new plan, then speak to your network, as they might be able to offer you a deal. A PAC, or Porting Authorisation Code, is a short code that is required if you want to move your existing mobile phone number from one network to another.

You get the code from your existing network and give it to your new network. All networks say that you can move your existing number to them. To keep your number, sign up to your new network, then get the PAC code from your existing network and give it to the new one.

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The new network then does its checks and will tell you when the number will be moved over. To see the latest mobile phone contracts and SIM-only deals from these networks, just use our comparison tools below:.

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You can often end your contract with a network during the minimum term usually referred to as the contract length, which tends to be 24 months these days but you have to give notice and pay all charges and cancellation fees. If you're outside the minimum term or don't have one then you still need to give 30 days' notice on average to the network but a cancellation or termination fee will not be charged. Remember to ask for your PAC code if you want to keep your number.

We hope this advice really helps you out. Please let us know how you get on. If there's anything we can do to improve this guide then we're all ears! This is a guideline only and we really recommend you check these things for yourself too. There are tons of terms and conditions from the different networks and these can even change, so always do your homework before you take action.

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Solved: Transferring mobile number from O2 to Giff Gaff - The giffgaff community

Everyone's favourite streaming service could soon be getting an update. This website uses cookies as described in our cookie policy , to see what cookies we use and to set your own preferences, click here. Otherwise, by clicking on or navigating this site, you accept our use of cookies. In this article How to keep your number when moving networks FAQ. How to keep your number when moving networks Step 1.

Make sure you're free to switch without early termination charges. Step 2. Get your new mobile deal. Step 3.

giffgaff Pricing

Contact your supplier and ask for a PAC code. Step 4. Give the PAC code to your new network.

Moving your Number between Providers with PAC. Easy Peasy!