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  1. No ring tone is heard on incoming calls
  2. No ring tone is heard on incoming calls - Sony Xperia Z - Telstra
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After update to 5.

No ring tone is heard on incoming calls

I just took my SIM out when my phone was off and then insert it again. Now the problem is solved. Romil , 27 Sep For the users having the problem after 5. For the users having the problem after 5. Problem will be fixed. Viveck Rajput, 24 Sep lolipop 5. Anonymous, 22 Sep i Today my Z1 updated to 5. MInor issue: Camera hang every now n then. This update is worse for sony. AnonD, 17 Sep is it? Sending and receiving email messages. Organising your email messages. Email account settings.

Music Transferring music to your device. Music home screen menu. Sharing music. Enhancing the sound. FM radio Listening to the radio. Favourite radio channels. Sound settings. Camera Taking photos and recording videos. Face detection. Adding the geographical position to your photos. General camera settings. Still camera settings. Video camera settings.

No ring tone is heard on incoming calls - Sony Xperia Z - Telstra

Photos and videos in Album Viewing photos and videos. Sharing and managing photos and videos. Editing photos with the Photo editor application. Editing videos with the Movie Creator application. Hiding photos and videos.

Album home screen menu. Viewing your photos on a map. Videos Watching videos in the Video application. Transferring video content to your device. Managing video content. Movie Creator. Connectivity Mirroring the screen of your device on a TV using a cable. Mirroring the screen of your device wirelessly on a TV. Connecting your device to USB accessories. One-touch setup. Using your device as a wallet. Travel and maps Using location services.

Using data traffic when travelling. Using your device with a car infotainment system.

Sony Xperia Z Mod - Increase & Improve Audio Quality (Speakers, Headphones & Earpiece) - PureXAudio

Airplane mode. Calendar and alarm clock Calendar. Alarm and clock. Accessibility Magnification gestures. Large text.

Reader Interactions

Colour correction. Simple Home screen.

Sony Xperia Z

Hearing aid compatibility. TTY Teletypewriter mode. Slow talk. Support and maintenance Support for your device. Computer tools. Updating your device. Finding a lost device. Finding the identification number of your device. Memory and storage. Managing files using a computer. Backing up and restoring content. Running diagnostic tests on your device.

Ringer volume

Resetting your applications. Restarting and resetting your device. Using your device in wet and dusty conditions. Recycling your device. Limitations to services and features. Legal information.

To adjust the ringtone volume with the volume key Press the volume key up or down. To adjust the media playing volume with the volume key When playing music or watching video, press the volume key up or down even when the screen is locked. To turn on vibrate mode Press the volume key down or up until appears in the status bar. To activate silent mode Press the volume key down until appears in the status bar.

Volume boost XZ1 revert. Rakesh is a teacher by profession and geek by heart with an ardent passion for all-things-tech. He has been a theme-maker, modder and has contributed some custom ROMs. He enjoys learning, discovering, growing and sharing the newest and latest trends in the world of Android. Current Devices: Any simpler solution?

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